Equine Amniotic Tissue Allograft

Exceptional Minds


An advancement in regenerative veterinary science and medicine utilizing minimally manipulated equine amniotic tissue.
RenoVo® equine allograft provides physical and physiological properties to cover and protect tissues.

Ready availability of an allograft potentiates clinical use without time lapse for culturing cells or harvesting techniques required for PRP and other autologous therapies.


• Chronic Wounds
• Soft Tissue Injuries
• Orthopedic Injuries

We are dedicated to producing offspring as exceptional as their sires. That is, we are dedicated to producing horses talented enough to succeed in the Open divisions, but good-minded enough to take care of a Non Pro rider. Our motto is “Exceptional Ability and Exceptional Minds….”

Wimpy’s High Bid and Star Spangled Whiz are standing at Tom Mccutcheon Reining Horses, located in Aubrey, Texas. Foals, weanlings and yearlings are at Story Book Stables, located in Rio Verde, AZ. Offspring in training is at Ricotta Performance Horses, located a few miles north in Cave Creek, AZ. The public is welcome to come and visit these beautiful stallions and their offspring. Appointments can be set up by contacting either Tom McCutcheon Reining or Story Book Stables. All breeding inquiries can be directed to TM Reining Horses breeding manager, Barb Wibbels, (940) 390-8489.